welcome to the binge.watch 2016 awards

22nd September 2016, Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, Germany

the binge.watch awards will become the hard currency for outstanding creative work in virtual reality, mixed reality and 360 video. we firmly believe this. this is a work in progress, so feel free to share your hearts and minds with us! and most of all, submit your work, we cannot wait to see all of it!

you know your work is excellent, outstanding, creative, full of craftsmanship, but how do you compare? how do others compare to you and how can you distinguish yourself from the (friendly) competition?

so submit your work today, join the competition and we will keep our fingers crossed that you will take home one of the few, shiny and awesome binge.watch awards 2016.

a shortlist jury will select the best works from each category for final judging and our festival jury, consisting of a few, select and high ranking creatives and professionals from the industry, will appoint the winners of the binge.watch awards during the festival.

we have a few names on our list, but we cannot tell you any just yet. so please stay tuned!

yes, there is. the main reason for this is that a lot of people and work are involved to make the binge.watch awards happen and this means a lot of costs, too. submissions have to be checked, downloaded, viewed stored. jury members have to be flown in, fed and need a place to sleep. need we go on?

but no need to worry, we will give you a nice rebate for two binge.watch 2016 tickets, if you submit your work. you will find more information on submission fees on the submissions form further below.

and yes, there will exemptions will be made and rebates will be given on a case by case basis. if you feel entitled, please drop us a line at awards@binge.watch and explain yourselves.

This is pure digital, crafted, immersive creative work teleporting us to never been and never experienced spheres. You take us boldly, where no HMD has gone before. Show us the future of Virtual Reality!

Music, an art form from ancient times. Earthshaking total immersion, triggering deepest, most personal emotions.
VR tech, driven by innovation, on the edge with limitless possibilities. What a melting pot! Show us the future of music!

May the sphere be with and all around you. The consumer is the director. Really good, well developed content with sparkling storytelling is what we are looking for here. Submit for this award if you hope, your experience holds the 360-key to it all!

The real world redefined. The imagination is the limit. Your creativity lets us explore and re-experience the world with a radical new perspective. Show us how you will change the way we teach, learn, work, play, live. Show us your game changer!

Your work puts the viewer into the center of the real world. You bring us to exotic destinations and into the heart of a crisis. You help us re-experience the real world from a new perspective. You deserve the best documentary experience award.

The VR/MR playground is wide open and the world is ready to play in new dimensions. Please submit for this category if you find your piece of gaming software outstandingly extraordinary in the vastly growing number of titles.

submission process

We look forward to receiving your submission for the binge.watch awards 2016.
The process for submitting your work is fairly straightforward. Please download the submission form. Read carefully. Fill out the form, sign and mail it back to us at awards@binge.watch until

12th September 2016, 22:00 UTC the latest.

Once we have processed your submission form, you will receive a PayPal payment request for the submission fee.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach the awards office at +49(0)40-6094573-45 or awards@binge.watch.

For the full submission regulations, please click here!

the binge.watch awards jury

Jakob Kriwat

Jakob Kriwat

Jury President
Jakob is creative lead in Google’s european think tank for brands and agencies, the ZOO. Before that he studied design, freelanced as a graphic designer, founded his own interactive studio, and worked as a creative director at German ad agency Lukas Lindemann Rosinski.
Christoph Roth

Christoph Roth

Jury Member
Christoph Roth is a Senior VFX Producer with over 16 years of experience in the world of cinematography and art. He has produced various nominated commercials, TV shows and films including feature films “After Earth”, “Rush”, “A Most Wanted Man”, his Emmy Award winning TV episode for “Game of Thrones“ as well as the second highest grossing movie worldwide for 2014; “Guardians Of The Galaxy”. He has worked with notable industry members such as Director James Gunn and Jim Jarmusch, Actor Phillip Seymour Hoffmann, Oscar Winning VFX Supervisor Ben Grossman and 4 time Oscar Winner Joe Letteri.
Christopher Lenz

Christopher Lenz

Jury Member
Christopher Lenz is the Senior Producer at Berlin's Postproduction Powerhouse SEHSUCHT. A jack of all trades, he has produced commercials, music videos and much more for clients such as Apple, Nissan, Reebok or Cadillac and worked closely with the Square Enix Team in Tokyo in developing Final Fantasy XI. First leaps into the VR Genre include the VR music video produced for Moderat “Reminder”, which was featured in the Kaleidoscope VR World Tour 2016.